Meeting: Welcome Back!

Our first meeting of the year! We will go over the events planned by the crew and ensure everyone gets their calendars updated.

Phone Call event

We will be calling people who have donated to the BSA and thanking them for their support. Also, voulnteering for this event will ensure you receive your t-shirt for free!

Annual Car Wash

Our Annual Car Wash/Book Sale/Bake sale is here!

You will earn service hours and the fundraiser will help with our plans for the year to gain money for the crew!

Service Project: Blankets

During the meeting we will be making blankets to donate to a local charity, so if you have any sewing machines you’d like to donate for us to use that would help greatly! It is going to be a great time and a fun team building activity that you can earn service hours for.

Holiday Party

During the meeting we will be having a Christmas party and it is going to be a White Elephant and eTrivia party so come ready to have some fun! It’ll be cool if everyone can bring food and their friends!

Officers Meeting

Crew 425 Meeting

Crew 425 Meeting

CLUE Murder Mystery Dinner (times may change)

Snow Sports Adventure Meeting