Last Meeting/Officer Elections

We will conduct an election for the 2017-2018 Crew Officers and discuss NYLT and Philmont opportunities.

Ronald McDonald House

Meeting: Ethical Controvesy

Learn more about the different religions around us and understand what everyone stands for.

Meeting: Pillow Cases

We will finish up with the fabric that we have to add pillow cases to our collection to donate to the Ronald McDonald house!

Meeting: Christmas party

Bring your White Elephant gifts along with snacks for a night of fun and Kahoots!

Meeting: Ruidoso information

Final planning information for our December trip to Ruidoso!

Meeting: Crew Thanksgiving

Bring food from your culture or another to share along with a little about what it is and where it comes from.

Meeting: Halloween Party

Wear your costumes and bring food for the party!

Car Wash Fundraiser

A good opportunity to earn money towards your crew accounts for activities throughout the year.

Meeting: Challenge Games

We will play a wide variety of COPE games and have fun!